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The Darkwater Tarot 2017. For additional information, please see: Menu, Texts: Reading the Darkwater Tarot

The Darkwater Tarot (see examples below 18:79) is the first project created specifically to explore the idea of personal and collective memory, using specific archetypal (visual) triggers. Although not a controlled scientific study, the Darkwater Tarot uses images to prompt specific questions; images which identify issues and propose solutions common to all our lives. 

The Darkwater Tarot (black and white, 78 cards) has been designed to help the ‘reader’ identify and develop hitherto unexplored, alternative pathways within this traditional tarot deck. To achieve this goal, cards of the Major Arcana and the royal cards of the Minor Arcana employ two different (main) images of equal value, on each card (a unique double-headed deck). This design presents the reader with thirty-eight additional and alternative images, based on an innovative visual interpretation of the traditional tarot. The pip cards of the Minor Arcana use a ‘tree’ divination system – a system related to themes from the tree of life.

Rather than a reverse reading, the design and the content of each card provides alternative pathways for the reader to discover.

Update 25th August 2018: For an independent review by Margo Benson, 2018 of The Darkwater Tarot please see:                          Tarot Association of the British Isles website: (TABI)  

Update 30th October 2018  a second independent review of the Darkwater Tarot by Katalin Patnaik, please see

Update: 6th December 2108: Independent review of the Darkwater Tarot by Caroline Blackler 27th January 2020: Katalin Patnaik review for TABI (see also

Update: 05.10.2020

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