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After many years working as an illustrator, image maker, and teacher, I have now chosen to focus on developing self-directed and collaborative projects - the first project being the Darkwater Tarot. This tarot deck is a unique, double-headed pack of black and white cards produced using digitally modified, hand-made artwork. 


The general aim of the Darkwater Project is to present images exploring (and challenging) the idea of shared memories - and to consider how our state of well-being might alter memory; affecting our choices, decisions, and behavior. Some of the work produced from 1998 reflects my initial attempts to investigate visual archetypes. Other pieces, produced before 1998, were completed for clients in publishing, the theatre, and the wider private sector.


The use of a constructed name (Darkwater) for this site is an attempt to identify and promote the intended direction of future artwork, presentations, and workshops; the notion of water as a boundary emphasizing the fluctuating, even unpredictable nature of the ideas and themes featured on these pages. 


Below: an initial series of interchangeable 'banner' images for a  website, 2017.

James Douglas, England​

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