The Deck of the Hebrew Letters: Mick Frankel and James Douglas 2018-19

From an original idea by Mick Frankel, The Deck of Hebrew Letters was started with design drawings, in December, 2018. After the first presentation of finished roughs, Mick Frankel and I meet on a regular basis, working on modifications to individual elements within the twenty-two card - rough-design; in particular the colours and surface design of each letterform and related symbols, within this distinctive deck. Based on original hand-made artwork, the preliminary drawing underwent a series of developmental stages, which were produced in Photoshop; providing print ready artwork. The Deck of Hebrew Letters took approximately five months to complete.

A basic explanation of the Deck of Hebrew Letters, written by Mick Frankel.

  • The Deck of the Hebrew Letters comprises 22 cards. Each card shows a letter of the Hebrew alphabet together with its numerical equivalent and its astrological correspondence.

  • Three of the cards correspond to the elements Air, Water and Fire. These three letters have colours that are in tune with the element.

  • Seven of the cards correspond to the traditional planets Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury and the Moon. All these letters are a rich, purple colour.

  • The remaining 12 cards correspond to the signs of the Zodiac. The colour and finish of each letter’s design depends on the element and mode of the sign. 

  • The Fire signs are red, the Earth signs green, the Air signs yellow and the Water signs blue. The cardinal signs have a graduated colour finish, the fixed signs are a solid colour and the mutable signs have a speckled finish.


Based on the correspondences in the Sefer Yetzirah, the deck was conceived by Mick Frankel and illustrated by James Douglas.

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