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The Deck of the Hebrew Letters: Mick Frankel and James Douglas 2018-19

From an original idea by Mick Frankel, The Deck of Hebrew Letters was started with design drawings, in December, 2018. After the first presentation of finished roughs, Mick Frankel and I meet on a regular basis, working on modifications to individual elements within the twenty-two card - rough-design; in particular the colours and surface design of each letterform and related symbols, within this distinctive deck. Based on original hand-made artwork, the preliminary drawing underwent a series of developmental stages, which were produced in Photoshop; providing print ready artwork. The Deck of Hebrew Letters took approximately five months to complete.

A basic explanation of the Deck of Hebrew Letters, written by Mick Frankel.

  • The Deck of the Hebrew Letters comprises 22 cards. Each card shows a letter of the Hebrew alphabet together with its numerical equivalent and its astrological correspondence.

  • Three of the cards correspond to the elements Air, Water and Fire. These three letters have colours that are in tune with the element.

  • Seven of the cards correspond to the traditional planets Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury and the Moon. All these letters are a rich, purple colour.

  • The remaining 12 cards correspond to the signs of the Zodiac. The colour and finish of each letter’s design depends on the element and mode of the sign. 

  • The Fire signs are red, the Earth signs green, the Air signs yellow and the Water signs blue. The cardinal signs have a graduated colour finish, the fixed signs are a solid colour and the mutable signs have a speckled finish.


Based on the correspondences in the Sefer Yetzirah, the deck was conceived by Mick Frankel and illustrated by James Douglas.

1st May 2020

NEW collaboration with the composer and musician Adam J Simpson

Adam is working on The Darkwater Symphony (working title) A 45 minute musical journey through the cards (themes) of the Major Arcana of the Darkwater Tarot. 

To views Adams work please go to: 

15th November 2020

SELETAR: A project arising from the 2020 lockdown.

The photographs (snap-shots) used in this project are the only remaining images of my past, before 2000. I decided to present them as a late 1950's booklet. 

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13 Singapore book 20 p.jpg
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